Stills Photography

Stills Photography – Another great reason to work with us. Hint:…a One Stop Shop

How do you express a smile in written text? Or that sparkle in your eye a moment before a dream come true? Only Stills Photography can do this. It’s been said before that one picture is worth a thousand words, but math isn’t our strong suit, what is –  is capturing the right moment and making it into the very best picture. Whether it is product photography, a photo catalog, a portrait for a job interview, photographs for advertisements – we will always ensure:

▪ excellent framing

▪ precise lighting

▪ a pleasant atmosphere that will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable enough to fully express yourself

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Stills Photography

And now for more on the One-Stop-Shop: stills photography requires a lot of preparation and involves quite a bit of work as well as professionals; lighting, a makeup artist, an actor/model, styling… and so on. With us, you can find all of these In House. So instead of turning to a number of individual professionals, we can either incorporate stills photography into a day of video photo-shoots or simply provide you with the variety of supplementary services you need: anything from styling and makeup to advice on how to pose or act for the camera.

To set up a meeting, ask questions and request information about Stills Photography  Call us now at +972-72-215-7740 or live us a massage at the form.

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