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Conference Video - Share your Conference with those who did not attend it.

There will always, without exception, be some who fail to show up for your event. Whether it’s people whose attendance was particularly important to you or people who really wanted to attend but circumstances prevented their presence at the event, either way, conference video is an effective tool for sharing and presenting all the important moments and messages you wished to convey.


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"Just a second... what kind of event are we talking about?"

Every possible business event imaginable: an exhibition, a company day out, an annual conference, a lecture, an educational workshop, a product launch and etc. Whatever event it may be – you’ve planned, invested time and money, hours of work and substantial resources. Naturally you hope to make the most of your investment. The absence of those who failed to attend is detrimental to the achievement of your goals – but there is a way for those who were absent “to be  present” – filming the event and producing concise filmed footage to be sent to each and every one of those who weren’t there is the what you should do. Whether it’s highlights from the event, a music video, lectures divided into chapters or the whole event, we have the experience and expertise to provide the full range of solutions, in accordance with your budget and of such quality as will produce the best results for you.

What can we provide for your conference?

  • Film the conference using a single camera or multiple cameras
  • Film the conference for closed-circuit broadcast
  • Live broadcast of the conference from a single camera
  • Presidential Teleprompter
  • Route cameras to project to a screen on stage
  • Produce a clip of highlights from the event
  • Lecture Filming
  • Produce an article/item about the event including interviews with participants and speakers
  • Any other media related solution that will promote your conference.