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Film Production is an Excellent and Efficient Way to Promote Your Goals!

Whatever the goal is – promotional film, publicity film, training video, or even a viral clip for YouTube – a professional film production studio will lead to superior results. Today anyone can pick up a video camera and shoot a film, but here´s where the most important principal comes into play.


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The viewer, surfer, your target audience, existing clientele and potential customers will immediately recognize whether the film has been produced by professionals or amateurs. Once you´ve released an ineffective film, you have to put yourself at risk of damaging your image, loosing sales, and most importantly…the first impression has already been lodged in the customers´ memory and won´t be easily erased.

Effective films – that´s us.

CUTAWAY is amongst the most professional and best film production companies. It´s not just the editing studio or the state of the art equipment such as full HD cameras. First and foremost, CUTAWAY provides professional and accommodating personnel to walk you through the process and deliver a variety of benefits:

So that your film is clear and catchy – we develop a distinct creative concept.

So that your film will interest and fascinate the viewer – an expert copywriter will write the script.

So that your film is to the point – our researcher will extensively and thoroughly study the facts, and accordingly we will highlight exclusive advantages.

And so that your film will enhance your image – we commit to professionalism and quality of the highest level forming a positive impression in your customers´ minds.


So how much does the production of a quality film cost?

That´s an excellent question and to answer the question we should definitely meet to discuss your needs (with no further commitment on your behalf). We will come to understand the business environment and the goals. We´ll form some creative ideas and only then it would be possible to determine a price.