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LIVE Conference Broadcast

Reach a Larger Audience - Get More Customers

An online channel at your service, helps conduct your business efficiently, quickly and economically.

In the past, live broadcasting was available only for social News broadcast and tv shows such as: “Our correspondent interrupts the broadcast with the latest startling…” or “President Obama broadcasts to the nation…” But today, at any given moment video cameras broadcast wave height to surfers, current traffic status, events taking place in shopping malls , kindergartens etc.

The fact is, if it works everywhere, all the time and for everyone, then why shouldn’t it work for you?

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Welcome to Cutaway's World of LIVE Broadcast - The Most Cost Effective, Convenient and Advanced Way to Reach any Customer, Worldwide.

Organising a conference is costly. Venue, logistics, catering, coordination, production, accommodations… especially for a large audience. That is precisely why the channel called “Live conference Broadcast” exists.  You book a smaller venue and invite only the smaller circle of people who it is most important that attend; all others are invited to attend the conference by watching live coverage of the event. This also assures that even those who could not come – due to distance, time, or other circumstances – will be able to partake in the conference from their home or office, even from abroad. But, so that your investment will yield maximum benefits it is important to keep in mind:

Live Internet Broadcast is ‘A ONE-SHOT DEAL’. It happens in real time; no chances for ‘sorry, we made a mistake’ or ‘oh…the camera wasn’t working’.

Live broadcast production must be in the hands of expert, experienced professionals. So we invite you for a consultation meeting at no cost and with no obligation on your part at which we promise to impart lots of good tips and important advice on:

▪ How to increase rates of remote participation

▪ How to figure out which of the range of live broadcast tools would be best for you

▪ How to reduce costs by using free of charge live broadcast tools available on the internet

▪ How to build a database of participants and use it to your advantage

▪ How to provide information that isn’t presented at the conference to your remote participants during live broadcasts how to enable your remote audience online to participate by submitting questions or comments.

And more…