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Video productions for institutions and organisations since 1999

We at Cutaway Studio believe that every project starts with an idea, hand in hand service and ends with good positive impression. Therefor, all of our projects begin with a brain-storming date with our client – we characterize all the technical and professional needs and find the right custom-made solutions for our client. We don’t have a build-in “Shopping Cart” so we are obliged to find the perfect solution to your needs and budget.

Cutaway Studio

It doesn’t matter if you’re big corporation or a Small business, Studio Cutaway will provide you the most advanced technology you can find for your video. We give a full in-house services solutions for all video needs to your business. Among our services – Filming Conferences/lectures, Producing videos for marketing purposes, Live stream, various Teleprompter services and more…

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We at Cutaway studio have been producing videos for nearly 15 years, during which we have become thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of the field. From promotional videos, stills, aerial photography, documenting conferences and lectures to multiple cameras and live broadcast on the Internet. We own all the innovative and newest equipment to give you the best results from your event. We understand that planning and producing your event is a time and mind consuming task, we know that you want to be sure your picking the most reliable sublayers that will give you a peace of mind, so we will be happy to setup a face to face (or even a Skype) meeting to introduce ourselves and get to know your need better. Call us now at +972-72-215-7740 or live us a massage at the form on the left.

Live Stream

Live Conference Broadcast

LIVE Conference Broadcast  Reach a Larger Audience – Get More Customers An online channel at your service, helps conduct your business efficiently, quickly and economically. In the past, live broadcasting was available only for social News broadcast and tv shows such as: “Our...

הפקת סרט

Film Production

Film Production is an Excellent and Efficient Way to Promote Your Goals! Whatever the goal is – promotional film, publicity film, training video, or even a viral clip for YouTube – a professional film production...

צילום הרצאות

Conference Video

Conference Video – Share your Conference with those who did not attend it. There will always, without exception, be some who fail to show up for your event. Whether it’s people whose attendance was particular ly important...

Prompter פרומטר


CUTAWAY Studio – The Obvious Place to Rent a Teleprompter! Looking for a Teleprompter?  Ordering it from us – is your best option! No need for glasses or wearing your eyes out – we rent...


Stills Photography

Stills Photography – Another great reason to work with us. Hint:…a One Stop Shop How do you express a smile in written text? Or that sparkle in your eye a moment before a dream...


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